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Utility functions to calculate colors and other values

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Bulma uses 3 custom functions to help define the values and colors dynamically:

The findColorInvert() function Clearance Marketable Discount Looking For Cotton Cropped Flare Jeans Rag amp; Bone Cheapest Cheap Price Outlet Pre Order Browse Cheap Price BJv49N

The function takes a color as an input, and outputs either transparent black or white :

Its purpose is to guarantee a readable shade for the when the input color is used as the .

For colors that have a luminance close to the threshold, it can be useful to override the function, and rather set the invert color manually. For example, this shade of purple has a color luminance of . It can be preferable to set a color invert of white instead of transparent black:

This page is open source . Noticed a typo? Or something unclear? Midi Skirt Marc Jacobs Cheap Low Cost Free Shipping Huge Surprise ucJV0HwKJB


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My 44-page ebook " CSS in 44 minutes " is out! 😃

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Slack All the tools your team needs in one place. Slack: Where work happens.

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by Jeremy Thomas, creator of Bulma, Oleksii Potiekhin,Mikko Lauhakari, Aslam Shah and David Berning

A step-by-step guide that teaches you how to build a web interface from scratch using Bulma.

Formats available:
PDF Epub Mobi
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Features, releases, showcase… stay in the loop!

Source code licensed . Website content licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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In this guide we discuss the design of the federated consensus protocol used by the Chain Protocol: its goals, use cases, threat models, and areas for future improvement.

Federated consensus is a mechanism ensuring that all participants in a network agree on a single transaction log. This prevents different versions of the ledger being shown to different participants — thus preventing “double-spending” of assets — as well preventing history from being edited. While the blockchain validation rules specify whether a given blockchain is valid, the consensus protocol makes sure there is only one valid blockchain on a given network.

This consensus protocol is designed to be practically useful under a certain set of requirements and assumptions commonly encountered in permissioned blockchain networks. The Chain Protocol is capable of supporting alternative consensus protocols.

For a detailed description of the federated consensus protocol, see the formal specification .

The Chain Protocol blockchain validation rules are intentionally agnostic as to what kind of consensus protocol is enforced. Additionally, they do not play a role in the process by which consensus is reached. Instead, blockchains provide a way for network participants to evaluate whether consensus has been reached: namely, consensus programs . The consensus program specifies a set of conditions that must be satisfied for a block to be accepted. The separation of consensus logic from blockchain validation rules, together with flexibility of consensus programs, allows networks to adopt of arbitrary consensus protocols, even including ones based on proof-of-work and proof-of-stake.

The consensus program for each block is specified in the header of the previous block. When the block is validated by a network participant, the consensus program is executed with the arguments that are specified in the block header. If the consensus program fails, the block is considered invalid.

Consensus programs are written for and executed by the Chain Virtual Machine. See Blockchain Programs and Chain VM Specification for details.

The consensus protocol presented here uses relatively simple consensus programs, but the Chain Protocol supports more complex programs that could allocate signing authority in more complex ways.

Under the federated consensus protocol, blocks are considered accepted once they have been signed by a specified quorum of block signers . This is implemented using a consensus program that checks an “M-of-N multisignature” rule, where N is the number of block signers, and M is the number of signatures required for a block to be accepted.

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Control Mouse Media

Connecting you with your audience | Content strategy from Michael Boezi, Control Mouse Media, LLC

You are here: / Podcast Episodes / Optimizing Your Content for Searchability and Discoverability

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Getting found is difficult in today’s world. By producing something that you think will be of use to someone, you’ve taken the first step. You have a voice, you’re at the podium. You’re off to a good start.

So why aren’t people listening to you? Why aren’t they paying attention? The problem is that, for better or worse, everyone’s at the podium. So how do you rise above the noise?How do you position yourself properly to earn the right to be heard?

Good content is everything to a content strategy, but it’s not the only thing . Even the best content will get lost if you don’t give it a better chance of being found. There are two factors that are really important here:

Good content is everything to a content strategy, but it’s not the only thing

This is the basis of search engine optimization (SEO), things that help Google and other search engines understand your content and what it’s for. In this episode, I get into using keywords and tags properly, employing images, and the importance of being feed-friendly. If done right, they can help your posts get found.

These are tactics, not tricks. You can’t “game” Google as a long-term strategy. Unique, well-written content is the still only strategy that works. You’re not writing for Google—you’re writing to be useful to your audience. As I always say, write for people, not for robots .

write for people, not for robots

Cheap, me-too content doesn’t bring value to anyone. Google knows that. Produce content of that type, Google’s not going to put you on Page 1 of search. Same goes for oilyclick-bait titles. What happens when someone clicks? If you don’t come through on the promise of your title, people will leave quickly. And guess what? Google will notice.

Whenever you publish new content, the default position is, “who cares?” What are you going to do to answer that?

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PAC 12 Head Coaches Talk About Recruiting


VIP RECRUITING: Which JUCO will be the next one to verbal to WSU?

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LOS ANGELES – Pac-12 Media Day was a crash course into how much more laid back the Conference of Champions is compared to the SEC. And I’m not talking about how SEC media days span four days compared to the Pac-12’s one.At lunchtime on Wednesday on the outside terrace of the Ray Dolby Ballroom attached to the Loews Hollywood Hotel, conference head coaches and players all mingled with members of the media, often sitting at the same table while discussing everything but football.Where were the three state troopers that I was so used to guarding the coach as if he was the President? There was no distance between media and coaches. And it was a picnic compared to the insanity that happens every July in the SEC. In Hoover, Ala., and now in Atlanta, you were lucky to say a quick hello to a coach. Here, I found myself chatting with Utah’s Kyle Whittingham and Cal’s Justin Wilcox with ease.It was a breath of fresh air.Here are some other observations from the day in Hollywood: WINNERS: I can certainly see why Chris Petersen has been successful in coaching. He was energetic, passionate, confident, funny and charismatic. He wasn’t the one who stole the spotlight, though. Don't forget about Arizona State coach Herm Edwards, who had me ready to run through a wall halfway through his QA. Does he always make sense with what he says? Of course not. But the man can bring the thunder! HEAD SCRATCHER: Question for the Pac-12: Why oh why have all three representatives from the school speaking at the same time? It makes it impossible for one person to hear everything that they are saying. Yes, you provide transcripts for what the head coach says, but not the players? There needs to be a change next year or I guess I’ll have to bring three different recorders. BEST ANSWER: When Washington State wide receiver Kyle Sweet was asked about the media poll and Washington State being picked fifth in the Pac-12 North, he quickly responded by saying that that isn’t much different from the past few years and that the Cougs will do everything possible to prove the voters wrong. DON'T MESS WITH HIM: Seeing some of these coaches for the first time in person, one particular thing crossed my mind: I would not want to get in a fight with Utah coach Kyle Whittingham or USC’s Clay Helton. They look like they could still play. I think I could take Chip Kelly though! STANFORD BEING STANFORD: Why was Stanford running back Bryce Love, one of the favorites for the Heisman Trophy, not one of the players representing the Cardinal? It is because the trip would have messed with his class schedule. For the record, Love is trying to graduate early with a degree in Human Biology. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: The Pac-12 does it up big time with the event being held smack dab in the middle of Hollywood. The food provided (both breakfast and lunch) was amazing as well. Props to the conference and overall, a great day for everyone involved. Even a guy used to covering the SEC. Brian Stultz has covered college football for 247Sports, Campus Insiders, SEC Country, SB Nation and several other media outlets. He joined Cougfan.com this month as our senior beat writer and heads into 2018 fall camp in Pullman after spending much of his career in Atlanta and Chicago.

We’ve been thrilled by Benetech’s ability to repeatedly reach scale in bridging Silicon Valley tech and social impact, and I’m proud to have supported them for the past 10 years.

Jeff Skoll , Founder and Chairman, The Skoll Foundation

Benetech’s credibility as a nonprofit focused on empowering social change is unique among the tech community. Their scalable technology solutions are recognized as driving real, sustainable social impact.

Kevin Lo , Director of Infrastructure Connectivity and Investments, Facebook

Benetech has a long history of successful technology development for social good in California and around the world.

Peter Manzo , President and CEO, United Ways of California

Our work with Benetech will help ensure we always have up-to-date information at our fingertips, increasing our ability to deliver services more efficiently.

Kimberly Sanchez , Executive Director, Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida
Your support helps us to empower communities worldwide for lasting social impact.
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